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Experienced Intellectual Property Attorney

Preserving the value of your ideas 
Intellectual property originates in the mind of the creator. Attorney Karen B. Tripp has more than 30 years of experience zealously protecting ideas and preserving her clients’ potential financial value through:

  • Patents
  • Copyrights
  • Trademarks
  • Trade secrets

Reaping the rewards of innovation through patent 
You deserve to reap the rewards of your innovative invention. You can protect the value of your novel, unobvious and useful invention or improvement by registering it with the U.S. Patent Office. Attorney Tripp conducts a thorough patents search. After determining that your design is unique, she assists you in completing and filing your application. If other companies infringe upon your patent rights, she demands they cease and desist unauthorized use and aggressively pursues compensation for damages.

Preserving your business image through trademark 
A company’s unauthorized use of your branding, logo, picture or design creates confusion that can tarnish your the reputation of your business. Even a product with a similar look can negatively affect your image. We will file your trademark with the U.S. Patent Office. If infringement occurs, we assertively seek an injunction to stop further use and sue the infringer for damages.

Safeguarding your trade secrets 
A formula, recipe, method, process or plan is the cornerstone of your business success. When these unique functions are revealed, your company’s value is severely compromised. We help you protect your business secrets through nondisclosure agreements and employment protocol. If an employee or outside party releases protected information, we doggedly pursue your legal remedies while taking methodical steps to minimize damage to your company.

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